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Europcar renews its partnership with Michelin

Europcar renews its partnership with Michelin

Europcar, the leader in car hire services in Europe, has renewed its exclusive partnership with Michelin, a worldwide leader in every tyre and travel-related services market.

A partner since January 2008, Europcar provides Michelin with a complete range of innovative mobility solutions, designed to address the specific travel needs of its employees around the world.

Europcar is also a partner of Michelin’s Research and Development team, supplying specific vehicles for its car trial centres.

“We are very proud to continue our long-term relationship with Michelin, sharing our strong common values, including client focus and environmental awareness. Our innovation capacity, the dedication of our team, our flexibility and the collaborative approach developed jointly with Michelin are at the heart of this partnership” explained Marcus Bernhardt, Chief Commercial Officer.