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Europcar offers drivers a chance to GoZen

Europcar offers drivers a chance to GoZen

Europcar is helping customers enjoy stress-free car hire in a number of countries across Europe as well as Australia and New Zealand with the launch of GoZen and GoZen+.

The new all-in-one cover reduces the customer’s excess to zero for theft and damage to cars, including damage to the windscreen, mirrors, lamps and tyres.

Now Europcar customers can relax and enjoy the journey knowing they’re covered by GoZen.

GoZen covers drivers for damage to the vehicle, providing customers aren’t driving negligently or incorrectly using the vehicle.

If Europcar customers opt for GoZen+, they gain the same cover for theft and damage, as well as personal covers for the driver and passengers in case of serious personal injury.

GoZen and GoZen+ are available to drivers aged 26 and over and only on vehicles in Europcar’s standard leisure fleet.

Customers visiting Europcar branches in Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal have access to both GoZen and GoZen+. Customers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand are able to take advantage of the standard GoZen package. 

Ken McCall, managing director, Europcar UK Group explained: “We understand that worrying about minor damage to the hire car can be stressful for customers.

“GoZen takes all that anxiety away by offering cover for theft and accidents that could happen to anyone, no matter how much care they take.

“GoZen+ offers personal covers for added peace of mind.

“This is the latest product designed to help our customers enjoy convenient, hassle-free car hire.”