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Europcar extends cycling sponsorship commitments

Europcar extends cycling sponsorship commitments

After three years supporting Jean-René Bernaudeau’s cycling team, Europcar, the leading car rental company in Europe, announced today that it will be renewing its sponsorship for the coming two years.

Europcar will thus continue to provide a full support package for the team until the end of the 2015 season.

Marcus Bernhardt, Europcar group sales manager said: “By renewing the sponsorship, Europcar has once again confirmed its confidence in Jean-René Bernaudeau and all the riders on the Team.

“At end 2010, Europcar chose cycling, because it is a sport that reaches out to the public and is practiced around the world.

“The attributes and values of the sport reflect those of our group, an international company that is close to its customers, attentive to their travel needs and that innovates to create the service solutions of tomorrow.

“We are very proud to continue this great adventure and we have no doubts that the sponsorship will continue to give us complete satisfaction.”

Successful sponsorship agreement

Since 2011, Europcar and Jean-René Bernaudeau’s team have together written some of the best pages in the history of the team, including some great victories in the very first year of the sponsorship.

In 2011, with 21 victories over the year and ten days wearing the yellow jersey during the Tour de France, Team Europcar demonstrated the values of teamwork, commitment and surpassing one’s limits.

In 2012, the team once again proved its outstanding abilities with three stage victories and a polka dotted jersey won during the Tour de France.

Finally, the 2013 season began with under the most favourable of auspices with a total of 21 victories before the Tour de France.

Thanks to cycling, Europcar has been able to strengthen its ties with various target groups and support its B2C approach by improving awareness.

The values of closeness and commitment that it shares with the Team have rubbed off on the brand, making it a brand of choice.