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ETOA looks at true Olympic impact

ETOA looks at true Olympic impact

Following on from the initial session of the European Tour Operators Association’s annual conference, beginning today at the Copthorne Tara Hotel in Kensington, Tom Jenkins, Executive Director of the association is set to reveal the latest information from China showing the real impact the Olympic Games has had on tourism.

In the past ETOA has come out with a report which suggests that contrary to popular opinion, hosting an Olympic Games typically stalls tourism growth.

As well as revealing data that has only just become available, ETOA will update its thesis and use its findings to consider what the impact of London 2012 on inbound tourism is likely to be.

Jenkins is keen to outline some actions that London might take to counteract this negative effect of the Olympics.

The conference is also looking to explore a number of other issues effecting its members and the wider industry including changes to EU tax and legislation next year, a fresh report on the US market, protectionism that is forcing tourist guides off the streets in Europe and the authenticity of consumer review web sites.