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Etihad Airways to ground all flights from midnight

Etihad Airways to ground all flights from midnight

Etihad Airways will temporarily suspend all flights to, from, and via Abu Dhabi following a decision by the national emergency crisis and disaster management authority.

The decision has been made in an attempt to limit the spread of the Covid-19.

The suspension of flights to and from Abu Dhabi International Airport will commence at midnight.

It will last for an initial 14 days, subject to further directives by the relevant authorities.

Cargo and emergency evacuation flights are exempt and will continue.


Tony Douglas, group chief executive, Etihad Aviation Group, said: “These are unprecedented times and unprecedented decisions are being made by governments, authorities and companies, including Etihad, to contain the spread of the coronavirus and to help minimise its effects around the world.

“As the national airline, we stand in full support of the UAE government’s decision, and are confident that we’re well prepared to weather the commercial and operational impact this suspension will have on our services.”

Douglas earlier sought to reassure passengers Etihad would be able to ensure the crisis.

The airline said it would announce the resumption of services through its usual channels once restrictions are lifted.


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