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Eswatini prime minister latest world leader to visit Expo 2020

Eswatini prime minister latest world leader to visit Expo 2020

Eswatini prime minister, Cleopas Dlamini, has become the latest world leader to visit Expo 2020 in Dubai.

He joined the celebrations of his country’s designated national day, with the occasion marked by vibrant festivities, including a collaborative live dance performance on state at Al Wasl Plaza.

The Eswatini Arts & Culture team performed various cultural dances, affording visitors the opportunity to learn more about the tradition that is unique to this region of the African continent.

Eswatini also hosted a country business briefing, detailing the nation’s commercial opportunities.

Dlamini, representing king Mswati III, was accompanied by Thulisile Dladla, minister for foreign affairs and international cooperation and Moses Vilakati, minister for tourism and environmental affairs.

The delegation was welcomed by Najeeb Al Ali, executive director, commissioner general office, Expo 2020 Dubai.

Dlamini said: “We’re so grateful to be here to represent the kingdom of Eswatini, and to attend this special event to put our country in the picture – the picture of trade, the picture of tourism and the picture of politics, and we’re saying to the world, ‘Eswatini is open for business.’


“And we very much welcome the opportunity that the UAE has opened up, not just for Eswatini but for all African countries. Africa in interested in doing business, and our continent needs to grow, and to do that we need Expo.

“The UAE has offered a very important opportunity for African countries to show what they can offer and what is available there.”

Dlamini visited the Eswatini pavilion, where he stressed the importance of Expo 2020 to connect Eswatini with other markets.

He added: “Our message to the world is that we want you to come to Eswatini.

“You can already see what we offer here – you have an opportunity to tap into a very productive labour force, and with a very vibrant infrastructure you can come and be profitable.”

Located in the Mobility District, the Eswatini pavilion shines a spotlight on the smallest landlocked country in the southern hemisphere, and the second smallest country in continental Africa.

Formerly known as Swaziland, Eswatini more than makes up for its lack of size with a hugely diverse range of attractions, activities and culture, which are all on show at the pavilion.