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Enterprise severs ties with

Enterprise severs ties with

Enterprise Holdings has announced it will end its relationship with and its sister site after months of difficult discussions.

The decision follows that of American Airlines, which cut out intermediaries in order channel business through its own distribution system.

“We are ending our negotiations with Orbitz following their decision to de-list National and Alamo, and insist on unacceptably high commission rates from our Enterprise brand,” said Pam Nicholson, president of Enterprise Holdings.

“Their position greatly limits consumer choice and makes renting a car less affordable. 

“It is also punitive towards rental car brands that have contributed to Orbitz’s success for many years.”

Enterprise operates Alamo Rent a Car, National Car Rental, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car brands.

The Alamo and National brands have been listed on Orbitz since 2001. 

Enterprise Holdings – which acquired Alamo and National in 2007 – had been in negotiations to add its flagship brand to the Orbitz site when it was informed of Orbitz’s decision to remove both National and Alamo, and accept only Enterprise.

“Through our many decades of serving customers in this industry, we have learned it is difficult to fully meet the changing transportation needs of consumers with only one brand,” added Nicholson.

“As a result, following our purchase of Alamo and National almost four years ago, we consciously decided to maintain three separate rental car brands, each with a unique service offering.”

Enterprise is following the lead of American Airlines.

The carrier stopped offering its tickets on Orbitz late last year and has also stopped listing on Expedia and Hotwire.