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Enterprise Rent-A-Car reveals European expansion plans

Enterprise Rent-A-Car reveals European expansion plans

Following the appointment of franchise partners in each country over the past 12 months, Enterprise Rent-A-Car branches are now open for business in major airport and city locations in four additional European countries - Poland, Turkey, Israel and Switzerland.

The past two years has been a dynamic period of expansion for Enterprise.

The company has hand-picked independent rental businesses across Europe and the Middle East to partner with in the development of an integrated international car hire network.

Enterprise is now operational in 23 countries in Europe and the Middle East, with more being primed for launch in the coming months.

Its international strategy has focused on creating a strong network of Enterprise-branded branches to enable more people to rent with Enterprise, wherever they travel.

As more business and leisure travellers choose to hire a vehicle as their preferred option when they travel overseas, Enterprise’s vision is to offer increased service, choice and value in key locations.

The company has selected franchise partners that share the company’s commitment to customer care.

It works closely with its appointed car hire businesses to ensure the same service values are reflected in every Enterprise-branded branch across the world.

Vice-president of global franchising at Enterprise, Peter Smith, said: “When customers step up to an Enterprise car hire desk they’re not only looking to rent a vehicle.

“They want the same quality of service and value that they receive from Enterprise when they rent from us at home.

“They want the Enterprise experience.”

He added: “Throughout this period of expansion we have worked closely with our franchise partners in each country to understand the needs of their customers.

“We want to ensure any location displaying the Enterprise name above the desk is accompanied by the exceptional level of service our customers have come to expect, and we also aim to reflect the regional needs and preferences of each country where we now have a presence.”

“We’re privileged to be working with franchise partners who are absolutely committed to those ideals because it ensures that when the Enterprise brand goes live in their country, customers can be certain of exactly the same service they receive at home.”

In Europe, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is also available in Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and the UK.

Enterprise will continue to launch branded operations in Europe and the Middle East throughout 2014.