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East Midlands Trains and BPT join forces to stamp out anti social behaviour

East Midlands Trains and BPT join forces to stamp out anti social behaviour

East Midlands Trains, in partnership with the British Transport Police(BTP), has launched a new initiative to help reduce anti-social behaviour on the Robin Hood Line, which covers services between Nottingham and Worksop.

The new ‘code of conduct’, which was launched 30 April, is designed to remind passengers of the existing railway regulations in place to prevent anti-social behaviour. The code includes a list of five railway bye laws in place that discourage inappropriate behaviour including the culture of loitering and drinking alcohol on stations and trains along the Robin Hood line. This kind of behaviour can lead to more serious crimes being committed and also has a negative impact on other passengers using the route.

The code of conduct is being supported and enforced by the British Transport Police, who will be carrying out additional patrols along the route.

Stuart Maltby, Crime Prevention Manager for East Midlands Trains said:“We are focused on providing a railway that our passengers enjoy and feel safe to travel on. The vast majority of our customers behave very well when travelling with us. However, in the past we have had some issues with passengers displaying anti-social behaviour on the Robin Hood line, particularly on late night trains returning back from Nottingham, and this is not fair on our staff or other passengers.

“We’re hoping the launch of this new initiative will make offenders think twice about their behaviour when travelling with us.”


Inspector Mark Clements from British Transport Police, said: “Anti-social and criminal behaviour has no place on the railway and this code of conduct will help us to reinforce this message.

“Officers will be increasing patrols to take action against anyone who seeks to cause trouble for others by engaging in anti social behaviour,misusing alcohol, loitering at stations or acting in a criminal manner.

“Anyone who steps out of line can expect to be dealt with swiftly and robustly - everyone has the right to travel on the railway without the fear of crime and we will do all we can to ensure this is the case.”

He added: “The railway across the East Midlands is a safe environment,but there will always be a small minority who seek to make life difficult for others or who look to profit from criminal behaviour.

“BTP and East Midlands Trains have their eye on these people and we will do everything within our power to locate them and bring them to justice.”

Signs displaying the code of conduct will be displayed at every station on the Robin Hood line, and announcements will be made on services arriving into and departing from Nottingham station.