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DUKES London prepares for Diamond Jubilee celebrations

DUKES London prepares for Diamond Jubilee celebrations

On June 1st 2012, HMS Diamond, the third of Britain’s fleet of six Type 45 destroyer ships, will lead the Queen’s Jubilee weekend with the tradition of toasting to Her Majesty with the brand new ‘DUKES Royal Navy Jubilee Cocktail,’ during the welcoming launch of the Queen’s Jubilee.

DUKES ST JAMES LONDON was asked by the Royal Navy to create a special cocktail specifically for the old tradition to commence the Queen’s Jubilee weekend.

DUKES ST JAMES LONDON is delighted to be participating in this historic event with a delicious new patriotic cocktail created by DUKES’ well-known barman, Alessandro Palazzi.

Proud to be playing a leading role in Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the HMS Diamond’s motto befits her name: Honour Charisma Gemma – “honour is the brightest jewel”.

The ‘DUKES Royal Navy Jubilee’ cocktail will be revealed for the first time on the HMS Diamond on June 1st.

Described as a ‘very masculine drink that has an initial bite followed by a smooth finish,’ the cocktail will be available at the DUKES bar during the Jubilee celebrations, starting June 3rd.

Debrah Dhugga, general manager of DUKES ST JAMES LONDON said: “On behalf of DUKES ST JAMES LONDON, we are delighted to be collaborating with the Royal Navy and the HMS Diamond to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

“For this, DUKES’ bar team carefully created a special ‘DUKES Royal Navy Jubilee’ cocktail, which he will be delighted to present to the HMS captain on the 1st June 2012 and serve for our guests in the DUKES Bar during the Jubilee celebrations from June 3rd.

“DUKES has always had a close connection with the Royal Household over the 100 years it has been trading as a hotel. We are thrilled to be celebrating this very special weekend.”

Debrah Dhugga, and Alessandro Palazzi will be on-board the HMS Diamond ship to present the new ‘DUKES Royal Navy Jubilee Cocktail’ to the captain and crew of the HMS Diamond on June 1st.

Following the official toast to the Queen in Portsmouth harbour, there will be an on-deck street party aboard the HMS Diamond to commence the Jubilee celebrations.

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