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Dubai launches new remote working option to travellers

Dubai launches new remote working option to travellers

Dubai has unveiled a new annual programme for overseas professionals working remotely due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The programme enables people to work remotely from Dubai while continuing their employment.

Over 60 per cent of the adult population in the UK are still working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the pressure of working longer hours, the increased loneliness and the increased feeling of living in offices is starting to take its toll on the mental health of the nation.

With the remote working order still in place in the UK and local lockdown restrictions being implemented across the country, working from Dubai has never been more appealing.


Dubai is a city of creativity and inspiration, where remote workers are guaranteed to find the right work life balance to help them through the pandemic.

From year-round sunshine to miles of pristine beaches and unparalleled dining and accommodation options, there will be plenty of reasons to leave your laptop once logged off for the day.

Remote workers have a variety of unique co-working spaces to choose from including Our Space Dubai which features a tantrum room for ‘louder, active self-expression’ and a Zen room with sound wave therapy beds.

Nasab, which is ideal for those wanting to combine work and play, with private and open plan offices available along access to the onsite pools and gym. 

More Information

To apply for the annual programme visit the official website.

The programme costs £217.80 plus medical insurance with valid UAE coverage and processing fee per person.

Barbados is also currently inviting guests to stay for a year as the destination seeks to rebuild the tourism sector post-Covid-19.