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Deer Jet adds first China-registered G650 to growing fleet

Deer Jet adds first China-registered G650 to growing fleet

The latest G650 has taken off from Savannah, Georgia, and headed to the Chinese coastal city of Tianjin to join the fleet of Deer Jet.

This G650 becomes the first private jet of its class registered in mainland China.

Frank Fang, vice president of Deer Jet, said: “We are very honoured to take over the management and operation of the very first G650 registered in China.

“To date, Deer Jet owns three licences to operate a fleet of 90 aircraft worldwide, with two thirds of the jets as managed fleet.

“This new addition demonstrates Deer Jet’s unparalleled 22-years of safety records and operational excellence, in recognition for the company’s global operations capabilities.


“Once again, Deer Jet built a milestone for China’s and the global business aviation industry.

“We created the first private jet company of China, operated the first G450 and G550 in China, and became the first company to operate ultra-long range BBJ and ACJ series in China.

“And most recently, we added to our managed fleet the world’s first BBJ 787.”

The addition of the new G650 marks the start of Deer Jet’s 2017 ambitious plan to further expand its managed fleet.

Already ten more G650/G650ER series are expected to join Deer Jet’s fleet in the near future.