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Corporate events professionals invited to new IMEX event

Corporate events professionals invited to new IMEX event

Corporate event planners and meeting directors are being invited to continue the strategic conversation that was started at IMEX in Frankfurt’s recent in-person Exclusively Corporate.

A free, virtual event on June 28 will be headed by Google Events Strategic Solutions Lead, Megan Henshall, who will pose the same question asked by Google’s events team: ‘How might we create spaces for exploration and innovation to occur?’

Henshall will explain how the Google Experience Institute (Xi) defines and applies exploration to intentionally unlock and engender innovation across the business’s events portfolio. She’ll be sharing dozens of insights gleaned during her career at Google, whose mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

This interactive, virtual Exclusively Corporate will also focus on how to build diverse communities while engaging them with empathy and curiosity. Henshall will discuss the power of passion and how it actively plays into community growth and connection.

The 3-hour session will also reveal how work at Xi ignited a new project on neuro-inclusion in events. The day will conclude with an open call for participants to collaborate and learn how to elevate the power and impact of events by designing them around the varied and diverse neurological needs of attendees. Neuro-inclusion recognises that people experience the world in different ways and that no single way is either right or wrong, just different.


Registration is free and NOT dependent on having attended IMEX’s Exclusively Corporate in May. All inhouse, corporate meetings and events planners are welcome, and the session will be recorded.