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Carlton Oslo Hotel Guldsmeden achieves Green Globe certification

Carlton Oslo Hotel Guldsmeden achieves Green Globe certification

Green Globe announced certification of the Carlton Oslo Hotel Guldsmeden in Oslo, Norway. Following the Hotel Guldsmeden holistic group philosophy, this property is committed to continuously improve sustainability efforts, and social and environmental values have been placed at the center of all actions.

“We are extremely proud to earn the prestigious Green Globe certification and international recognition for our hotel in Oslo,” said Kirsten Skovgaard Aggersborg, Environmental Officer with Hotel Guldsmeden group, “Green Globe has been instrumental in leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to be 360 degrees sustainable, and we are now very close to our goal to have all four Guldsmeden properties certified.”

A Sustainability Management Plan is fully integrated at the Carlton Oslo Hotel Guldsmeden, and energy goals are strictly monitored. The property’s zero-impact policy encourages guests to support a carbon-neutral stay, and all implementations, plans, and strategy for a sustainable operation are clearly defined. The Guldsmeden group only works with suppliers adhering to sustainable and fair trade practices. All food and drink served at the hotel is organic, all bathroom and cleaning products are certified and eco-labeled. Local suppliers often bring their products in crates and cases, which can be reused and taken back. The hotel recycles above and beyond the national requirements, and the overall waste production is kept to a minimum. “Love Food, Hate Waste,” a food saving program, is promoted among guests.

The Hotel Guldsmeden group has been very vocal and active in the efforts against human trafficking and supports non-profit organization “HopeNow” both financially and with providing rooms for guest lecturers or others that may need to be put up. In addition, various campaigns pertaining to human trafficking, prostitution, and drug abuse have been initiated by the Guldsmeden group.

Green Globe Certification’s CEO, Guido Bauer, commented: “We are extremely pleased to certify the Carlton Oslo Hotel Guldsmeden as the first property in Norway. I am very impressed with the energy and dedication by management and staff. The Guldsmeden group places great emphasis on being a part of the local environment in regards to cultural and social activities, as well as incorporating local food and competencies from local businesses.”