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Canyon Ranch Tucson rejuvenates a Native-American tradition

Canyon Ranch Tucson rejuvenates a Native-American tradition

Seminal wellness resort Canyon Ranch Tucson in the heart of the Arizona desert presents the Tó Bee Háájidááh treatment for guests looking for a spiritual and detoxifying cleanse perfectly in tune with the forces of Mother Nature. A truly unique experience, this ground-breaking treatment is a twist on the ancient, Native-American tradition of sweat lodges and promises a profound reaction from every guest.

The journey begins in the hydrotherapy tub with a head to toe massage in the warm water by one of Canyon Ranch’s holistic therapists to completely relax the body and prepare the muscles. Guests will then enter the resort’s Watsu dome, a unique take on the ‘sweat lodges’ traditionally used by tribal members as a place of cleansing and healing for the body and soul. Once inside, with muscles already warm and relaxed, another massage takes place whilst impurities are sweated out, ensuring guests are completely cleansed.

The Watsu Dome and the soothing Native American aesthetic of the surroundings add a spiritual and empowering dimension to the treatment, which is tailored to each individual’s needs. Each treatment is different and may incorporate massage techniques using the therapist’s hands and feet, deep stretching and hot and cold towels.

Alongside the Tó Bee Háájidááh (pronounced twa-ba-ha-ji-dah) treatment, Canyon Ranch also offers many other Native-American inspired activities and treatments. Many of the activities available such as desert drumming, primitive fire-making and animal tracking allow guests to connect with the past, consciously or subconsciously, and fully absorb the energy of this powerful land.

Local and native ingredients are also showcased in Canyon Ranch’s Double U Café with nutritious dishes such as the calcium-rich cholla bud salad, high protein tepary bean soup and nourishing saguaro-seed crusted chicken.


“We source the tepary beans, saguaro seeds and cholla buds from the Tohono O’odham Nation, a recognized Native American Tribe located in southwestern and central Arizona.  We do this to give our guests a taste of TRULY local ingredients as well as unique flavours,” says Corporate Chef Scott Uehlein. By purchasing these traditional foods, Canyon Ranch helps to create economic opportunity for community members and supports Tohono O’odham Trading Company’s efforts to encourage community members to grow traditional foods and harvest wild foods.

Canyon Ranch’s unique approach to cleansing and healing, aided by the magnificent desert location, can revitalise the spirit, expand boundaries and help guests explore new ways to lead a healthier life, guarded by traditions which have survived to millennia.

The Tó Bee Háájidááh treatment lasts 100 minutes.