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Cancun Sets All Time Tourism Record With Over 30 Million Visitors

Cancun Sets All Time Tourism Record With Over 30 Million Visitors

Cancun, Mexico set a new record recently when Cancun International Airport welcomed its 30 millionth visitor of 2022.

On December 28, a traveler from Indiana received a surprise celebration as she passed through the airport upon arrival in Cancun. She was the 30 millionth visitor of 2022, setting a new record for Cancun.

What exactly makes Cancun such a popular destination?
1. Tons Of Accommodation Options
One of the reasons that Cancun is so popular is the simple fact that it can accommodate so many tourists.

Cancun has hundreds of hotels and resorts and all inclusive options. Additionally, hotel rooms in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean have grown by over 30% since 2016.

In a relatively short amount of time, that’s a huge increase in capacity! There are also accommodation options for every budget in Cancun, from hostels to luxury resorts, and choices for every type of traveler, from solo travelers to couples to families.


2. Beautiful Beaches
Cancun, which is set on the Caribbean coast of Mexico (also known as the Riviera Maya) has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Despite the high crowds, Cancun does its best to preserve its white sand beaches and clear aqua-blue oceans. With over 14 miles of beautiful beaches, Cancun is popular with visitors who want to relax in paradise.

3. Activities And Nightlife
Cancun is a large city with plenty of shopping, dining, and nightlife for visitors to enjoy.

Additionally, there are tons of activities you can do in Cancun, from watersports to renting Jet-Skis to parasailing. There are also several day trips you can take from Cancun, like visiting the Chichen Itza Mayan ruins or taking the ferry to Isla de Mujeres.

4. Frequent Flights And Accessibility
One of the biggest keys to Cancun’s popularity is its well-connected airport which receives more than 500 flights a day.

As of this summer, 38 cities in the United States flew nonstop to Cancun, and that doesn’t include even more cities in Canada, Europe, and South America that also have direct flights to Cancun.

Flights to Cancun are often very affordable from many cities in the United States, and some flights are only a couple of hours long, making Cancun an easily accessible international destination.

5. Established Tourist Destination
Finally, Cancun is so popular because it’s an established tourist destination that has been welcoming visitors at scale since the 1980s.

Cancun has had decades to perfect its tourism infrastructure and grow its hospitality industry.

Many visitors from the United States who rarely travel internationally still visit Cancun, and it’s a popular spot for first-time international trips.

This is because Cancun is so developed as a tourist destination and offers everything that visitors could possibly want or need. Unlike some other destinations in Mexico, English is widely spoken in Cancun, and visitors will find American chains and other comforts of home here.

What’s Next For Cancun In 2023?
Cancun’s growth doesn’t seem like it will slow down any time soon. There’s still high demand for this destination going into 2023, as evidenced by the millions of arrivals to the Cancun airport in December.

And going into 2023, Cancun may become even more popular.

The long-awaited Maya Train will open in 2023, connecting visitors to even more destinations in Mexico.