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Cabin Ops Safety Conference announces key topics

Cabin Ops Safety Conference announces key topics

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that the 2022 Cabin Ops Safety Conference (COSC) will take place as an in-person event in Lisbon, Portugal, 14-16 June with TAP Air Portugal as the Host Airline.

In the face of numerous operational challenges, the airline industry improved its safety performance in several key areas in 2021, compared both to 2020 and to the average of the five years 2017-2021, including reductions in the accident rate and the number of passenger fatalities.

These strong results were achieved as the industry ramped-up operations from the low point of April 2020, while addressing numerous issues, including crew shortages and a sharp rise in unruly passenger events.

“Airlines and their employees have done a superb job over the past two years under extraordinarily difficult circumstances. Now, as COVID-related travel restrictions are eased, flight operations are ramping-up and the focus needs to be on ensuring we maintain the same high levels of safety and efficiency. The Cabin Ops Safety Conference is the forum for cabin safety experts from airlines, regulators, OEMs and suppliers to join together to share insights on the most important cabin safety challenges,” said Nick Careen, IATA’s Senior Vice President of Operations, Safety and Security.

Sessions will address key topics including:


>Unruly passengers

    Cabin crew fatigue
    Human trafficking
    Cabin accessibility issues
    Cabin safety investigations
    Cabin design
    Accessible lavatory design

The event also will feature workshops on turbulence, cabin crew wellbeing and safety management. Additionally, the popular Cabin Safety Exchange will return. This discussion forum provides an opportunity for cabin safety professionals to share insights about the top cabin safety issues and shapes and steers the work of IATA cabin safety agenda in the years to come.