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Worldspan on the Web

Worldspan Announces Worldspan on the Web,
Fully Integrated Internet Bookings Via Go!

The easy-to-navigate new Worldspan Go!® platform will also feature Web AirFare for fast access to Internet fares, links to additional Internet suppliers, and other powerful Web resources.

LAS VEGAS—Worldspan today announced Worldspan on the WebSM, the Company’s new Web-based infrastructure that will enable Worldspan travel agents to find and book unique Internet-based travel products worldwide, creating complete, personalized travel experiences for their clients—all from the Worldspan Go! desktop. Worldspan on the Web is part of a new and completely revamped Worldspan Go! reservations platform that, when completed later this year, will embrace a range of Web-based technologies and solutions that set the Worldspan travel agent apart from the competition.
“Worldspan on the Web is the fulfillment of the Worldspan Go! vision and a further reflection of Worldspan’s commitment to helping our travel agency customers grow by offering technologically advanced solutions to better serve their clients,” commented Mike Parks, senior vice president and general manager, Worldwide Travel Distribution for Worldspan. “By integrating Web-based travel products with the most reliable reservations system in the world, then presenting these solutions in a clear, easy-to-use format on a single desktop, Worldspan provides travel agents with the tools they need to find and book the right travel options to meet their clients’ needs.”
Worldspan Go! offers travel agents direct access to the Worldspan reservations system with complete travel planning and booking capabilities, plus browser-based access to a broad selection of Internet-based travel products, along with fax and e-mail capabilities—all from a single desktop. A newly designed Worldspan Go! Home Page makes everything easy to find and easy to use, with attractive graphical interfaces quickly guiding users to the solutions they need, whether system-based or Web-based.
Worldspan on the Web

Utilizing XML and other state-of-the-art communications technology, Worldspan on the Web enables Worldspan Go! customers to access Internet-based travel solutions directly from the desktop, without opening additional applications. Internet transactions with full Worldspan on the Web participants are confirmed and reported through the Worldspan system, then integrated with the travel agency’s accounting and other back-office systems.

Through strategic marketing and technology partnerships with leading Internet-based suppliers, Worldspan provides easy access from the Go! Home Page to many of the Web’s finest leisure products, allowing agents to book complete vacation packages, including hotels, resorts, tours, events, restaurants, and other client services, without spending hours searching the Internet.
“This diverse and easy-to-use portfolio of Web-based travel content and reservations products offers travel agents more choices and new ways to serve travelers,” said Parks. “In addition, the ability to book value-added Internet travel products directly through Go! opens important new revenue opportunities for Worldspan travel agents.”
Web AirFare


Worldspan on the Web also features Web AirFare, an Internet fare search product enabling travel agents to find the best airfare options from a range of Internet sites plus published fares from Worldspan Power Shopper®. The ultimate Web-based pricing tool, Web AirFare allows agents to quickly check published fares, negotiated fares and Internet-only fares in a single process.

Web AirFare searches for fares by origin and destination cities and specific airlines and/or consolidators, then provides a single screen display of the carrier’s Internet fares, consolidator fares and published fares.
“With Worldspan on the Web and Web AirFare, the Worldspan agency becomes and a true ‘one-stop shop’ for any Internet-based solution, including airfares,” Parks noted.