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AA & Hawaiian Airlines Offer Interline Electronic Ticketing

American Airlines
and Hawaiian Airlines
today announced they now offer interline electronic ticketing. Customers can use a single electronic ticket (e-ticket) when their itineraries include travel on both carriers.
With the addition of Hawaiian, today American offers interline e-ticketing convenience with seven domestic carriers, including most of the major U.S. airlines - Alaska Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways.  In addition, last year American was first to offer interline e-ticketing with a foreign airline - oneworld alliance member Finnair.

Passengers with e-tickets also have the ability to rebook between American and Hawaiian without having to obtain a paper ticket first.  Previously, customers with e-tickets were required to convert to a paper ticket before transferring between carriers.  Interline e-tickets can be issued by American and Hawaiian through their respective reservation centers and at airport locations and ticket offices.
A great majority of American’s customers today travel on e-tickets, avoiding lines at the airport.  e-tickets are the key to using American’s growing array of automated services, including online check-in with, plus nearly 700 Self-Service Check-in devices at 84 airports and approximately 300

Curbside Check-In devices in more than 80 airports.  e-tickets cannot be lost or stolen and they make changes and refunds easier.  Interline e-ticketing also enables easier transfer between carriers should a change of airline be necessary due to weather or other delays.