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Continental Airlines Asks U.S. Department of Transportation to Require More Information of American

Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL) today
filed a motion with the U.S. Department of Transportation requesting that
American Airlines and British Airways be required to update and expand their
submissions requesting approval for antitrust immunity.
The global aviation marketplace changed dramatically on Sept. 11, and
important decisions about the future of the world`s largest international
market need to be considered using the most relevant data.  Yet no new
information has been supplied by applicants American and British Airways that
reflects the current state of the industry, Continental said.
Furthermore, information previously supplied by American and British
Airways is incomplete, and their request should not be considered without
additional data, Continental said.
“The record in this proceeding lacks information critical to evaluation of
the American/British Airways alliance and it must be supplemented,” the
Continental motion states.
Yesterday Continental President Larry Kellner testified against the
American Airlines/British Airways combination before a Senate subcommittee.
Kellner testified that “the proposed American Airlines/British Airways
antitrust immunized alliance is the wrong deal at the wrong time” because it
will result in the two airlines having a competitive stranglehold on the most
important international routes in the world.