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A site to promote a ‘round-the-world’ travel charity fundraiser is now online, including links to ‘101 Best Travel Websites’.

Although the url is, it is the correct link for the details on how to become involved in the 2002 event.

The annual charitable fundraising event promises to combine the style of the 19th Century Grand Tours with the jet-setter reality of 21st Century travel, GreatEscape2002 will take an exclusive group of 25 Teams of two on a three-week adventure of a lifetime beginning April 12, 2002, in Los Angeles. Teams will be competing for cash and prizes and “The World`s Greatest Travelers” trophy.

“GreatEscape2002 is designed as a true cultural immersion. We believe that travel brings people closer together, fosters global understanding and improves compassion for all involved,” states William D. Chalmers, travel writer and event organizer. “Going around-the-world on one trip is an exciting prospect and when we add a little Indiana Jones-like adventure to it, we feel that The Global Scavenger Hunt has all the makings of a classic travel adventure competition bar none.”

Created for independent travellers who thirst for spontaneity, new experience and human interaction, the around-the-world event is designed to be a rally rather than a flat out race. GreatEscape2002 will have Teams travel across 4 continents over three weeks between April 12th and May 5th, 2002, with Teams earning points by completing a series of cultural-oriented scavenges in each of 10 exotic destinations. Three winning Teams will divide $100,000 in prizes, but only the First Place Team will earn “The World`s Greatest Travelers” crown. Teams will be limited to using public transportation only while solving clues. “Public transportation makes a foreign environment seem, well, more foreign!” continues Chalmers, “Participating Teams will get more than some snapshots, a sunburn and souvenirs, they`ll replenish their memory banks with exciting and exotic experiences. I suspect that, like the Eco-Challenge for physically fit marathon trekkers, GreatEscape2002 will be the ultimate cocktail hour competition among travellers. More than just a travel competition however, Teams will be helping to raise a million dollar goal for some great charities.”


Applications are being accepted at or by calling +1 310.281.7809. Teams will be reviewed for suitability; single applicants will be paired with like-minded travellers in what may be the ultimate Blind Date with The World! The entry fee of $9,900 includes all airfare, hotels and special events for the three-week adventure.

The GreatEscape Foundation is using the annual event as the springboard to raise funds for worthy international humanitarian organizations. The 2002 event, in light of the events of September 11th, will also raise funds for the “Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund” to promote the continued education and understanding of survivors.