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BTC expands tVillage Talent Connections

Business Travel Coalition has opened its tVillage Talent Connections to all travel industry participants. Previously, the LinkedIn-based site was private, invitation-only and exclusively for unemployed in all travel industry segments. This non-commercial site was designed for networking purposes to enable members to help one another through this very rough patch for the travel industry and its practitioners.BTC decided to open up the membership because so many employers, executive search firms and currently employed travel professionals wanted direct access to the site to be helpful with job postings, tips, leads and other free resources.

BTC chairman Kevin Mitchell stated, “tVillage Talent Connections can be thought of as an ‘open platform.’ If your organization has a free, value-added service to contribute to colleagues in need, please offer it up and we will plug it in and promote it. Or, if you are gainfully employed, but hear of a job opening or consulting opportunity, post it on tVillage Talent Connections.”

tVillage members are able to:

(1) post resumes for employers and executive search firms to review

(2) share job leads that they may not be interested in, qualified for or geographically near;

(3) provide letters of recommendation where appropriate;

(4) share insights about industry segments that other members may be interested in exploring;

(5) share contacts and make introductions;

(6) help critique resumes;

(7) post travel industry-related employment information;

(8) offer general advice; and

(9) provide moral support to one another.