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BA may sell Concorde to Dubai

British Airways’ last remaining Concorde may follow the QE2 by being shipped to Dubai and turned into a tourist attraction.

BA grounded its seven-strong Concorde fleet six years ago and gave six to museums. However it held on to one, Alpha Bravo, which it has been storing at its engineering base at Heathrow.According to the Times, a Dubai-based consortium, advised by former BA Concorde crew, is planning to turn the aircraft into a tourist attraction, possibly on one of the Palm Jumeirah. It would be jointly marketed with the QE2, which was sold to Dubai last year to become a floating hotel.
The aircraft’s wings would have to be cut off before it could be loaded on to a ship.
A source close to the Dubai consortium said it would spend several million pounds restoring the aircraft’s interior, much of which was removed and used as spares on other Concordes. He said: “If any Concorde was going to return to flight, Alpha Bravo would not be the one because it did not have the safety modifications made to others after the Paris crash in 2000. It would be very well taken care of in Dubai.”
BA has been distancing itself from the iconic plane, which made it up to £20m profit annually during 27 years of service.
Two years ago, it removed a model of Concorde from a roundabout on the approach to Heathrow where it had been for 16 years. It has been replaced with a model replicate of an Emirates Airbus A380 superjumbo.