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Virgin unwraps new round-the-world fares

  Virgin Atlantic has launched new round-the-world fares from London Heathrow.Passengers will be offered two ticket options for their round-the-world trip “Virgin Global East” and “Virgin Global West”. The “Virgin Global East” option takes passengers from Heathrow to Hong Kong and then onto Sydney with Virgin Atlantic, from Sydney to Los Angeles with V Australia, returning from Los Angeles to London with Virgin Atlantic. The “Virgin Global West” option takes passengers from London Heathrow to Los Angeles with Virgin Atlantic, then onto Sydney with V Australia, from Sydney to Hong Kong and then back to London with Virgin Atlantic.

The launch of the new fares coincide with Sir Richard Branson’s round the world in 8 days tour, celebrating the 25th birthday of Virgin Atlantic and the launch of V Australia on Friday, 27 February 2009.

Speaking in Sydney, Sir Richard Branson, President of Virgin Atlantic, said, “Passengers now have a fantastic choice to make - which way to go around the world with Virgin! The combination of Virgin Atlantic and V Australia offers travellers huge flexibility in their global planning and some of the best value round the world fares available. The destinations are also some of the most exciting in the world.”