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5th World Islamic Economic forum looks for speakers

The World Islamic Economic Forum is a global conference that acts as an international business platform where business sectors of the Muslim world meet to create opportunities and, together with the government leaders, act as a hub where policy proposals on economic development can be formulated. WIEF was formed for the purpose of enhancing the economic well being of the people of Muslim nations and Muslim communities worldwide, through increasing trade and business activities amongst them.

WIEF aims to package the Muslim world as a lucrative trade and investment caucus that is able to attract foreign investors and business partners from various countries worldwide. WIEF believes that collaboration is the salient feature of 21st Century international relations. Business partnerships can build genuine bridges towards peace and prosperity between the Muslim and non-Muslim world. WIEF accords the highest importance to two of the most important segments of society - the women and youth of the Muslim world - which it seeks to nurture to their maximum potential through training, education and business activities.

Event sponsors consist of corporations that recognise the branding opportunities to an audience which include Heads of State, Heads of Government, Captains of Industry, SMEs and other influential individuals and institutions.

The WIEF Foundation was established on the 6th March 2006 to institutionalise the World Islamic Economic Forum. Being the proprietary owner of the Forum, it administers and organises the annual WIEF, as well as ensuring the smooth-running of the initiatives and programmes under its purview.  The WIEF Foundation has its own corporate administrative structure which includes the Board of Trustees led by the Chairman of the Foundation, and supported by the International Advisory Panel and the Secretariat.