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Spatacular - the Westin Chaoyang Beijing

The new Westin Hotel Chaoyang in Beijing, which opened for the Olympics and hosted the likes of George Bush Jnr and Snr, has quickly established itself as one the Chinese capital’s landmark hotels.

Mary Aziz went to find out what the Heavenly Spa at this new landmark had to offer.
BTN: How long has your spa been open?

WHC: Our Spa opened just in time for the Olympics.

BTN: What was involved in designing it - and what were you hoping to create?

WHC: The main idea is to allow guests to relax and have peace of mind and simple feel better than when they arrive.

BTN: How many different treatment rooms are available in your facility?

WHC: We have a total of 10 treatment rooms.

BTN: Describe the typical experience at the Westin Beijing spa.

WHC: It is an experience of tranquillity, peace of mind and relaxation.


BTN: What types of treatments do you offer?

WHC: We offer massages (Chinese, oil massages and Westin’s rollersage), reflexology, body, facial and other beauty treatments such as hair styling, manicure and pedicure.

BTN: And what facial treatments do you offer?

WHC: Detoxification, moisture replenishment.

BTN: Have you had any celebrities or VIPs?

WHC: Oh yes, many, but we are very discrete with our customers!

BTN: Describe the atmosphere during Beijing 2008 Olympics?

WHC: Very busy and exciting.

BTN: What are the long-term benefits to your spa after the Games?

WHC: Because of the high-profile guests we had during the Olympics, our Spa is gaining an unprecedented reputation as the spa to be when in Beijing.

BTN: What are your most popular treatments?

WHC: Heavenly Massage (our signature treatment) & Rollerssage Massage.

BTN: What is your client capacity for a full day?

WHC: As we have 10 treatments room we can do average 30- 40 treatments day.

BTN: What gives you an edge over the competition?

WHC: We encourage our guests to leave behind their burden with a simple ritual before their treatment and simply our concept and philosophy of allowing our guests to enjoy not only the services but also the environment and to help them feel better that when they arrived.

BTN: What are your plans for the future?

WHC: Ultimately, we seek to uplift guests mentally, physically and spiritually by engaging and stimulating each of the five senses.