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IDeaS wins Tivoli contract

IDeaS has announced that Portugal’s Tivoli Hotels & Resorts Group has selected IDeaS On-Demand revenue management solution for use at all hotels in its estate.Alexandre Solleiro, the COO of Tivoli Hotels & Resorts Group, said, “We needed to find a way to improve our forecasting and overall revenue generation while maintaining customer satisfaction. The IDeaS V5i revenue management system is going to enable us to accomplish this.”

Within IDeaS V5i revenue management system, Tivoli will use the IDeaS Group PricingModule to help it evaluate group requests, analyse displaced revenues, find alternative dates and include ancillary revenues and costs for a total value assessment. In addition, the IDeaS’ Multi-PropertyModule will allow authorised users at Tivoli to view data from multiple properties, and benefit from roll-up reporting in user-definable property groups. The hotel group will also take advantage of IDeaS On-Demand web based delivery to provide a faster, easier and more cost effective deployment across its estate.

IDeaS, which won the account following a three-way pitch, is currently being used by over 50 of the leading hotels in London and more than 400 hotel clients throughout the United Kingdom. Its revenue management systems are also being utilised by other global organisations such as other leading hotels, airlines, car rentals, car parking, manufacturing, and transportation management companies to understand, anticipate and react to consumer behaviour in order to optimise company-wide revenue and profits.

Solleiro added, “The revenue management system from IDeaS enables us to make highly useful decisions as to the best rate based on a variety of information achieving maximum revenue potential across the estate.”

With over 70 years of experience in the hotel industry, Tivoli Hotel Group has a formidable reputation as one of Portugal’s finest lodging destinations for people the world over. Fabian Specht, IDeaS Director EAME, commented, “We feel very pleased to be in business with such a quality and well known hotel group. Everyone at IDeaS strives to provide the maximum benefit to our customers through our next generation revenue management and pricing optimisation solutions.”