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Sharjah implements new classification law

Hotel classification law has come into force in Sharjah, from the beginning of January 2008, according to the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority.The implementation date of the law meets the scheduled one, following resolution No.16 of 2007 issued by the Executive Council regarding the classification of Sharjah hotels, resorts and hotel apartments and the approval of the SCTDA Board of Directors of the mechanisms to implement this law.

The Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA) has finalized distribution of the classification labels for hotels and hotel apartments by end of last December. Hotel categories range from 1 to 5 stars, while the hotel apartments category ranges from Deluxe to standard and Basic categories.

Over 85 hotel premises operating in this vibrant sector will be able to benefit from the features offered by the new classification, which came as a result of in-depth researches conducted on the local, regional and international markets, and comprehensive studies of the hotel classification standards in different countries. The new classification is projected to lead the hotel sector into a new era of progress and to create a quality leap in the emirate’s tourist sector.

H.E. Mr. Mohamed A. Al Noman, Director General of the SCTDA, confirmed that all the hotel complexes in Sharjah have been classified as from the beginning of January 2008, stressing the importance of such a move to the development of the hotel sector, which is the most vital tourism infrastructure in Sharjah and will ensure that high quality services are provided within the hotels sector.

‘It is certain that all hoteliers are willing to develop their services and facilities in order to be entitled to classification upgrade as per the new standards set by the SCTDA. We should mention that the classification process was flexible throughout all the phases. Hoteliers have shown a positive response and have cooperated with us, especially in the final phases of the project. They were informed of their hotel classifications, and the SCTDA has given them convenient deadlines to comply with the relevant requirements, and they worked to upgrade their classes as per the standards set by the SCTDA,’ he added.


Speaking of the necessary tools to follow up the implementation of the new law, Al Noman clarified: ‘The SCTDA’s classification Department will arrange for inspection tours and regular visits on the hotel complexes to ensure implementing the new classification and upgrading the services rendered to tourists.’

Al Noman highlighted the significance of this law which will regulate the hotel sector, which is considered as the most important component of tourism industry in the emirate. He clarified that the recent significant growth in Sharjah tourism has fueled a record growth in the hotel sector in the emirate, and drawn the attention of international hoteliers to operate in this increasingly attractive tourist destination.

The Sharjah Executive Council has decided to activate the hotel classification standards, taking into account law No.2-1999 and its regulations for establishing the Sharjah Executive Council, the Emiri Decree No. 10 of 2007 for establishing the SCTDA, and on the basis of the Executive Council’s approval of the proposal offered by the SCTDA Chairman, Sheikh Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Qassimi.

The Executive Council has authorized the SCTDA, by virtue of article No.2, to oversee the implementation of this law, and legalized by virtue of article No.3, to amend this law to meet the requirements of any future economic or tourist development, provided that the amendment(s) shall be developed in coordination with the concerned parties. Article No.4 has given the chairman of the SCTDA the authority to issue the orders and regulations to implement this law.