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Amadeus targets independent agencies

Amadeus has launched Amadeus Professional Package, a solution specifically targeted to address the specific needs of independent travel agencies.

The Amadeus Professional Package enables smaller travel agencies to deliver a truly made-to-measure experience to their customers, more efficiently, more effectively and more profitably.

Based on the world’s most advanced travel technology but at an affordable price, Amadeus Professional Package is simple, flexible, powerful, profitable and supported.  Single-site travel agents can dedicate more time with their customers, compete against new online agencies while improving cost control and forecasting.

The solution is based on Amadeus Selling Platform, the first browser-based, point-of-sale platform designed to help travel professionals focus on selling and developing customer relations rather than just making bookings. Amadeus Selling Platform gives travel agents access to Amadeus’ vast travel inventory.

Amadeus supports more single-site travel agencies than any other travel technology company. Amadeus is also committed to helping single-site travel agencies to capitalise on their specialist knowledge and niche position and deliver the ultimate made-to-measure experience for their customers.


David Brett, President Amadeus Asia Pacific, said,  “As the travel industry in the Asia-Pacific region experiences strong and steady growth, small, independent travel agencies offering personalized services are commanding a significant presence in the regional market. Amadeus Professional Package is a cost-efficient solution tailored specifically for these small and niche travel agencies, allowing them more profitability and efficiency while catering to their particular needs.”

The Amadeus Professional Package has been launched in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. In addition, plans are under way to offer the solution to more countries in the region.