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Biman Bangladesh Air adopts eticketing

Amadeus is launching electronic ticketing with Biman Bangladesh Airlines, the national carrier of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The move will see greater ease and convenience for passengers booking flights on the airlines via travel agents.

“Amadeus is delighted to be the first Global Distribution System (GDS) provider selected to work in partnership with Biman Bangladesh Airlines, and assist them in their transition to a paperless ticketing system. Pressed to comply with the year end deadline set by International Air Transport Association (IATA), many airlines are racing against time to jump onto the e-ticketing bandwagon,” said Damian Hickey, Vice President Airline Business Group Asia Pacific. “Besides saving costs for the airlines, e-ticketing also offers significant opportunities to improve passenger convenience and reduce processing time which is needed in the issuance and disribution of traditional tickets.”

Essentially, e-ticketing has been rapidly gaining recognition for its ROI by many airlines across the globe. Through the elimination of paper usage, it offers greater flexibility to passengers and travel agents, especially changes are to be made to the itinerary. Furthermore, it helps remove unnecessary processing charges that is otherwise essential for traditional tickets.

“At Biman Bangladesh Airlines, we strive to provide the best for our passengers. Through e-ticketing, we are now able to eradicate needless costs incurred from traditional ticketing. Additionally, it also helps to reduce a noteworthy level of passenger stress. No longer will passengers have to fret about losing their tickets.” said Mohammad Shah Newaz, General Manager Sales of Biman Bangladesh Airlines.