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AccelAero launches for low cost carriers

Systems Associates (ISA), a joint venture of Air Arabia and John Keells Holdings, are developing a new reservation system ‘AccelAero’ for low cost airlines that provides multi-selling channels through the Internet, travel agencies and call centres.

‘AccelAero’ will facilitate flight scheduling, finance and operational functionalities and capabilities across various point-of-sale channels and is customised to serve the business goals of low-cost airlines. Air Arabia, thus, becomes the first ISA customer to use the tailor-made system.

The primary business focus of ISA is to provide vital IT solutions to the aviation industry and ‘AccelAero’ seamlessly combines Air Arabia’s experience in the airline sector with the IT expertise of JKH to form a system that meets the needs and requirements of low cost airlines.

Mr. Adel Ali, CEO of Air Arabia, said: ‘As we grow in the market, one of the crucial elements fuelling our success is our ability to remain agile within an ever-changing environment. Of necessity, it’s a business built upon adaptability - one that can react efficiently based on customer demand, as well as one that can adjust quickly to new business needs. As we focus on streamlined operations to ensure that savings are passed on to customers through lower fares, we are happy to implement this new system for our customers’ benefits.’

Mr. Ali Al Hamdany, Director of IT and Corporate Projects at Air Arabia, said: ‘The airline reservation system is one of the most time and mission-critical elements of an airline. Any downtime comes at tremendous cost. The new reservation system developed by ISA is not only time-efficient but is adaptable to various selling channels and various other business needs. Service is a key towards keeping our customers satisfied.’


Mr. Dhananjaya Chandrasekara, VP John Keells, said: ‘We are delighted that the first implementation of AccelAero went so smoothly; exceeding expectations of our customer. We are confident we have the capability and flexibility to deliver the support that will help Air Arabia fly high and work the way they want it to work, worldwide.’

‘At ISA, we have technical domain experts from JKH coupled with Air Arabia’s airline domain experts, bringing in superior solutions to the market. AccelAero’s design, based on tiered architecture together with its clustered implementation environment, will avoid any single point of failure. AccelAero can be easily extended to accommodate future requirements thanks to its modularised framework,’ stated Mr. Milinda Gunasena who headed ISA’s AccelAero project development.

The new reservation system is also available to other low cost airlines whether they are existing or coming new to the market.