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Gulf Air wins catering award

Gulf Air has been named as the Best Airline for its ‘Onboard Catering Excellence’ in the Skytrax Awards.
By winning the award, Gulf Air has repeated its winning streak, not just once, but three times.

Last year, Gulf Air won the Skytrax World Airline Catering Awards 2005 for ‘Best Onboard Catering in First Class and Business Class’ and the PAX International Readership Award for ‘Best New Product Launch in In-flight Service’ at the Middle East Catering Conference.

“It is indeed a great achievement for Gulf Air,” says Gulf Air President and Chief Executive James Hogan.

“The award comes at the right time when Gulf Air has launched its new business strategy, Smart Airline, Successful Business. We will spare no efforts to keep up the goodwill we have earned in the aviation industry.”

The award reiterates the fact that Gulf Air is passionate about maintaining its world class standards when it comes to catering- be it our unique Sky Chef or Sky Nanny products or the range of food we offer onboard that have set new standards in in-flight services in the aviation industry, says Gulf Air Head of Inflight Services Michael Kent.


“It is not an easy feat to repeat our success,” he said.

Skytrax Awards provides the most prestigious recognition of outstanding quality excellence for product and customer service delivery across today’s world airline industry.

“The introduction of onboard chefs by Gulf Air a couple of years ago set a new benchmark for onboard catering standards. Whilst this is concentrated on the premium end of the aircraft, the concept has resulted in a much more notable improvement to Gulf Air onboard catering standards across all cabins, and deserved merit for this accolade,” notes Skytrax.

These independent awards are the result of the most comprehensive analysis of product and service standards and have become a bench mark for aviation industry for their products and services