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JFK Airport gets mobile check-ins

SITA is providing wireless, mobile check-in work stations in a bid to further improve passenger flows at John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport’s Terminal 4.
SITA is providing the latest state-of-the-art wireless technology to enable the 6.5 million passengers that pass through the terminal each year to check in for a flight anywhere there is a CUTE check-in station throughout the terminal.

The mobile check-in desks can be moved to any location within the terminal, wherever an increased number of passengers need to be checked in. The airlines can more efficiently direct and manage passenger flows, as well as handle specific flights or events that bring peaks of additional passengers. Benefits include shorter lines for incoming passengers.

“With traffic expected to grow significantly again in 2006 we welcome technology advances that facilitate passenger processes,” said Janice Holden, vice president of Marketing and Business Development for JFK IAT, LLC, a consortium which manages Terminal 4 and combines the resources of Schiphol USA LLC, LCOR inc., and Lehman Brothers.

“We are excited to be the first in the U.S. to implement this new technology with our partner, SITA,” said Daryl Jameson, IT manager at Terminal 4. “We started with eight mobile CUTE workstations to supplement our check-in capacity and have placed an order for additional units in response to our customers’ requests. The airline personnel find the workstations an efficient means to expedite passenger flows.”

“JFK International Airport is a key location in the U.S. for both domestic and international travel. By implementing the wireless mobile CUTE solution at JFK Terminal 4, the terminal will process passengers more easily and effectively,” said Herve Muller, SITA vice president of sales, North America.


SITA currently manages some 30,000 CUTE workstations for 285 customers in more than 200 airport locations worldwide, checking in an estimated 580 million passengers a year.