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SITA wins $6 million contract

SITA is entering into a $6 million contract to provide a reservation system, an on-line booking engine, AIRCOM and flight operations applications to the new start-up
airline, TransCaribbean Airways (TCA).
TransCaribbean is a new Caribbean start-up airline which plans to operate
regular scheduled flights using Airbus 320 and 340 aircrafts linking the
Netherlands Antilles with Europe and the USA, flying to destinations such
as London, Orlando and Nashville from Curacao and St. Maarten.

It was formed by the international consultant firm, Mirage Group Inc, along with
a selected group of professionals with international backgrounds located
in the Netherlands Antilles and the United States and Europe.

“We are very pleased to be working with TransCaribbean Airways. We are
committed to TCA to ensure a successful start-up and our work on their
behalf will be completed by March,” said Olivier Layly, SITA
Vice-President, Caribbean and Latin America.

“The Netherlands Antilles is well-known to us as we recently signed
contracts with the airport authorities in Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten
for our check-in Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE),” he said. Some four
million people use these airports each year.

The full TCA suite of IT applications from SITA includes the Horizon
Reservations System, the iTravel Direct on-line booking engine,
Flee*censored*ch, CrewWatch, Flight Briefing and AIRCOM/ Aircom Server.