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Conference podcasting hits market

Pixion is introducing conference podcast software. Clients manually download important meeting for future review.They will also be able to subscribe to an RSS feeds to receive video updates automatically.

“Last year we developed PictureTalk 4.6 which allows the porting of recorded conferences into QuickTime and other media formats,” says Robert Boese, General Manager of Pixion, citing their clients’ needs for editable records of meetings.

“This year we’re making meetings truly portable through the use of the video iPod. The video iPod is a remarkable product from Apple, with infinite potential for business as well as personal use. Conference Podcasts are the first step in tapping this potential.”

“At the Weill Medical College of Cornell University, all of our educational tools and curriculum support are Macintosh based,” commented Dr. Steven Erde, Senior Director of the Office of Academic Computing and Associate Professor of Clinical Pathology at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University. “

“Pixion’s dedication to supporting the Mac platform is only one of the reasons we selected PictureTalk as our webconferencing solution. Their new podcasting service will enable us to present our small group problem based teaching sessions on a new portable platform for our students to review. This is another example of Pixion listening to the market, and incorporating Apple’s innovation into solutions that help their customers collaborate more effectively,” concluded Dr. Erde.


Conference Podcasts functionality will be demonstrated by Pixion at the Macworld show in San Francisco from January 10th through January 13th.