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IATA outsources call centre to SITA

SITA will be aiding the International Air Transport Association (IATA) centralise field operations and support for one of its business units.It will do this through a flexible, cost efficient and fully managed Internet Protocol (IP)-based call centre solution.

IATA’s Industry Distribution and Financial Services (IDFS) develop and deliver industry standards, infrastructure, distribution and financial systems, products and programmes that enable airlines and agents to provide high-quality services worldwide.

IATA is now moving the unit to a regional hub model for operations and support, starting with Madrid, Spain. The move will ensure IATA’s operational costs are kept to a minimum while improving customer support.

“We wanted a single provider for the solution to facilitate future deployments and enhancements,” said Sam Sahana, CIO of IATA.

“Because of its industry expertise SITA is uniquely positioned to provide us with exactly what we are looking for - a fully managed, flexible and cost effective end-to-end solution.”


By leveraging SITA’s professional services, project management and Avaya-based call centre technology, IATA can safely centralize regional operations to Madrid and be certain that global calls will be routed to the appropriate agent. With SITA as its unique supplier for this solution, IATA benefits from a single contract and point of contact, reducing the complexity and cost of managing multiple vendors.

“IATA has transformed over the last few years to better serve the air transport industry,” said Gary Mech, Vice President North America at SITA SC. “Our managed call centre solution will facilitate IATA’s continued transformation, and we are pleased that we can support their efforts in Madrid.”