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Vincci Hotels expand online presence

Vincci Hotels is expanding its online presence through a new partrnership with Pegasus’ Web services. Vincci Hotels is the first European chain to select the new Web services, which represent the industry’s first integration of Internet marketing and electronic distribution services.

Carlos Rentero, revenue director for Vincci Hotels, said: “Vincci Hotels selected Pegasus Web Services by Open Hospitality because the two companies offer global service, Web design, an Internet booking engine, search engine optimization, e-marketing services and database management. Through our agreement with Pegasus, we can expand our Web presence and increase the exposure of our hotels with these innovative and dynamic services. We have been impressed by the experience our Vincci Avalon hotel in New York City has had with these services.”

Avelina Iglesias, regional sales director for Pegasus, said: “Pegasus is very pleased to offer this integrated bundle of Web services to our customers. These new Web services will help hoteliers tremendously to increase the revenue from their own Web site and to maximize the exposure of their brand. With its improved Web presence, Vincci Hotels should increase customer loyalty and improve customer service.”

Brian Dass, president of Open Hospitality, adds: “European hotels are recognizing that leading-edge technology improves their direct-to-Web-site strategies, and choosing to work with Pegasus and its Web Services by Open, creating significant value for hotels by using dedicated resources to lower costs and maximize online revenues.”