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Turks announce direct European routes

Turks and Caicos is launching the first non-stop direct service from Europe to the islands at WTM 2005. Turks and Caicos is fast becoming one of the world’s premier holiday destinations with phenomenal beaches, amazing crystal blue waters and a protected 250 mile coral reef system, perfect for dive enthusiasts.

The islands are very popular with US travellers but it is hoped that the new service from London Gatwick will encourage more European tourists to make the journey across the Atlantic. Starting on 20th Feb 2006, the new service will operate from London Gatwick via Excel Airways long haul Boeing 767-300.

Paul Silverberg, Aviation Director for Flight Options who are operating the new flights commented, “We can offer a number of significant advantages over existing services. We will clearly be quicker and easier, allowing Europeans to avoid costly US stopovers and visa issues, or time-consuming Caribbean transfers. Existing services turn a week’s holiday into 10 days where we can offer a genuine week away in paradise. And all of this comes at fully inclusive charter rates.”

He added, “The Boeing 767-300 can provide a three class service including Excel One (Business Class) and this particular aircraft allows the service to offer 40 kilos of luggage allowance, which will be attractive to honeymooners and the equipment heavy divers.”

It is thought that if the service proves successful other airlines might follow, spreading the reach of Turks and Caicos - even further east.
Whilst the islands are keen to avoid over-development and preserve paradise there are rooms available, particularly in July and August when Europeans do much of their travelling. Flight Options have already received a significant number of bookings and additional flights may also follow.