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Internet privacy tool unveiled

An internet privacy tool is launching that impedes scammer’s attempts to steal users’ identity. Identity theft is one of the major concerns hindering surfing or shopping on the Internet.

The software, CallingID, reveals who owns the site being visited, whether it is legitimate and whether it is safe to provide information or conduct business.

CallingID uses 52 verification tests to evaluate web sites. When any of these tests fail, the user is urged to rethink his/her intention to submit personal information, username, password and credit card number, or to place an order from that site. It summarizes the results of the tests in a simple indication to help the user decide whether to proceed.

“The problem with most solutions that are focused on lists of suspicious websites to prevent identity theft is that every day more than 400 new fraud sites appear and it is impossible to find and block them in real time.” said Yoram Nissenboim, CEO of CallingID, and an Internet security expert. “Even when the site is not listed as fraudulent, the user needs to be the one to decide whether to trust it.  We provide all the information, that otherwise will require a high level of expertise and much time, so that the users know where their personal data goes and if there are hidden risks involved.”