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Hotel search engine launches

A new program has launched to enable travelers to add their own hotel choices and descriptions to a free online search engine, based on personal experience. has launched the “Every Hotel on Earth” program. Consumers can add properties to’s database of hotels, including hotel name, location, description and amenities.

“Many sites claim to have comprehensive hotel search results, but in fact they display only the properties they can sell,” said Steve Hafner, CEO and co-founder of “Consumers are entitled to see all of the estimated 300,000 hotels worldwide, not just the 15% that are marketed through traditional online agency sites. Our ‘Every Hotel on Earth’ program ensures that remains the most comprehensive travel site for hotels on the Web. If a hotel isn’t in our database, tell us and we’ll add it.”

To add a hotel, users click on a link from the hotel homepage or in the “Kayak Commitment” section on hotel search results. Once form requesting information such as the hotel name and address is completed and verified, the new hotel is added to’s database.

Any hotel can be added to for no charge. The basic hotel listing includes hotel name, address, contact information, lodging type, Web site address and a brief description. Hoteliers wishing to enhance their listing can pay $99 annually for a premium listing that includes amenities, photos, reporting and a more in-depth description. 


To enhance the quality of its information, offers the “Accuracy Promise” to ensure that every hotel is presented on the site with accurate, traveler-verified information. Consumers can edit hotel descriptions based on their personal travel experiences by clicking on the “edit info” link located on a hotel’s details page.