Breaking Travel News Launch in Russia and Poland has launched local sites in Russia and Poland.  The move is part of an aggressive roll-out across European, Middle Eastern and African markets over the coming twelve months.
The launches see sites go live with IP based country recognition, local-language interfaces and local currency pricing. now operates local language sites in over 20 European countries, which include UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia and Benelux.  The company is now focusing on country expansion, of which the launch of local-language sites in Russian and Polish are the latest step.

“We have been running highly successful English language sites in both countries for some time now, which have been drawing in a lot of traffic..” Patrik Oqvist, EMEA Marketing Director of comments.  “However, to increase our presence as a key international player in the travel market, we know that local-language sites are key to unlocking the real potential in each market.

“While Russia and Poland are relatively undeveloped markets at this stage - at least compared to the main western European territories - we know that the online travel sector will grow rapidly in both markets in the next five years.”