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America West and US Airways Unveil New Look

America West Airlines and US Airways will show a fresh new
face to the world as they unveil the livery, or aircraft paint scheme, that
will represent the new airline when America West and US Airways merge.
Employees of both airlines—some sporting “retro” uniforms heralding back to
various periods in the airlines’ pasts—will celebrate the new paint scheme
as a freshly painted Airbus A320 makes its way across the country, stopping
for special events today in Philadelphia; Pittsburgh; Charlotte, N.C.; Las
Vegas; and Phoenix.Onboard the aircraft will be the merged company’s Chairman, President,
and Chief Executive Officer Doug Parker, Vice Chairman Bruce Lakefield,
employees representing America West and US Airways, and union leaders from
both companies.
  Celebrations will take place nationwide as the plane lands in the hubs and
secondary hubs of the combined airline.  The unveiling starts in Philadelphia
at 7 a.m. and ends in Phoenix at 6:30 p.m.
  The new livery is a fusion of both carriers’ existing designs, featuring
updated editions of the US Airways stylized version of the flag and the waving
stripes inspired by those that stream across the sides of current America West
aircraft.  Near the aircraft door, the airline has positioned a Heritage mark
that incorporates the classic logos of some of the largest airlines that have
merged over the years to create the new US Airways: Allegheny Airlines,
America West, Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) and Piedmont Airlines.  In
addition, “throwback” aircraft, which will be painted entirely in the classic
liveries of these airlines, will pay permanent tribute to each of them.
  Operational needs and employee suggestions were considered in the design
of the new livery, with the hotter climates of the Phoenix and Las Vegas hubs
making the lighter blend of colors both an aesthetic and comfortable choice.
In addition, lighter tones of paint tend to last longer and are easier to keep
  “Today we celebrate our individual pasts while looking towards a
collective, bright future,” said Parker.  “While we recognize much work
remains, we are making remarkable progress in creating a well funded, national
low-cost carrier.  Today’s new look visually represents US Airways’ fresh new
start.  The industry expertise of employees from the great airlines of our
past is what ultimately will make the new US Airways a success as we move
forward together toward a brighter future.”
  “We are excited to position the new US Airways in a way that pays tribute
to all of the great airlines and the employees who will comprise the merged
airline,” said Bruce R. Lakefield, US Airways president and chief executive
officer.  “The pride and dedication of our employees has brought us this far,
and those same qualities will enable us to become a stronger and more
competitive airline.”

  The new livery will eventually be flown by the combined fleet of
approximately 360 mainline aircraft and will also appear on the approximately
350 regional aircraft that will be operating on the US Airways Express routes.
Here are some facts regarding the process of transitioning the combined fleets
to the new US Airways livery:

    *  Typically, 60 gallons of paint are required to paint an aircraft
    *  It takes about 72 hours for the paint to dry
    *  The entire process, on average, requires a plane to be out of service
      for eight to nine days
    *  Lighter colors of paint tend to last longer and keep the plane cooler
    *  Aircraft require repainting every six to seven years, depending on how
      the coat is maintained and polished
    *  America West last updated its livery in 1996 and US Airways did so
      in 1997
    *  The new US Airways livery was designed entirely in-house