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New Lie-Flat for AA Boeings

American Airlines
today announced plans to install new lie-flat seats and enhanced inflight
entertainment in the Business Class cabin on all Boeing 767-300s and Boeing
777 aircraft.  American also announced plans for additional cabin improvements
on the Boeing 767-300, including larger and more spacious overhead bins.  The
new lie-flat business class seats will be manufactured by Recaro, a leading
specialist in aviation seating.Enhancements to the Boeing 767-300 Business Class cabin are slated to
begin in 2006.
  American will begin installing the new Business Class seats on the Boeing
777 fleet beginning in 2007.  Additionally, American is investing in the
Boeing 777 First Class cabin by extending customer-favorite Flagship Suites to
20 additional aircraft, thus creating a superior product across the fleet.
  “We know how important it is to our passengers to be comfortable on their
international flights, whether they are working, enjoying a meal and a movie,
or just relaxing,” said Dan Garton, Executive Vice President of Marketing.
“Our new Business Class product will provide our customers with a comfortable
and highly adjustable lie-flat seat, as well as quite a bit of work space and
state-of-the-art inflight entertainment, all of which will create a world-
class Business Class experience.
  “The new cabin enhancements on the Boeing 767-300s and the Boeing 777s
will result in a consistent and highly competitive American product in the
marketplace, and will deliver to American’s premium customers the products and
services they value most,” Garton said.
  Garton added that, based on rave reviews from 777 First Class customers on
the Flagship Suite product, American is making the investment to ensure
passengers will have this product every time they fly on a 777.
  American’s Boeing 767 and 777 fleets are operated on all of the
transatlantic and transpacific routes, and on select routes to Latin America,
as well as certain domestic routes.