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AA Offers New Trans-Atlantic Menu

American Airlines today announced it is introducing new First Class and Business Class menus on
flights between the United States and Europe as part of a series of moves to
enhance the customer service experience on international flights.The new menus incorporate appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts that
reflect distinctively European and American tastes.  On Aug. 1, 2005, flights
from Europe to the United States began featuring menu items created from
European ingredients and recipes.  Beginning Sept. 1, 2005, United States
flights bound for Europe will feature quintessentially American cuisine.
  Earlier today, American announced new business class seats, inflight
entertainment and larger overhead bins will be installed on Boeing 767-300s in
2006.  In 2007, new business class seats and inflight entertainment will be
installed on Boeing 777s.  In addition, Flagship Suites will be added to
20 Boeing 777s First Class cabins to provide a consistent Boeing 777 product
for customers by 2007.
  “The combination of new terminals, new Admirals Clubs, new international
routes, a new business class product, new menus in First and Business Class,
and the ability of AAdvantage members to earn miles and take award trips
around the world clearly puts American in a leadership position among global
network carriers,” said Henry Joyner, Senior Vice President - Planning.  “It
also demonstrates again the importance of having a full-service airline with
multiple service options, an extensive network and a robust frequent flyer
program to the communities and customers served by American.”

  American Menu
  In the United States, American turned to its Chefs Conclave, a group of
internationally acclaimed chefs, for inspiration.  Chef Stephan Pyles of
Dallas was selected to design the new menu for flights from the United States
to Europe, with input from American’s flight attendants.
  New Business Class appetizers include citrus-marinated scallops, coppa ham
with mozzarella, and shrimp marinated in mojito sauce served with pineapple
and Boston watercress with zucchini, mushroom and yellow bell peppers.  The
new entrees include cowboy steak with red chili onions and corn-bean ragout,
lamb shank with an ale tomato sauce, chicken Madeira, and pumpkin ravioli with
sage cream sauce.  Seasonal vegetables such as grilled yellow squash, sauteed
spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and artichoke bottoms with chive-whipped potatoes
accompany the main dishes.  Desserts include an ice cream sundae or poached
pears in a pecan crust.

  European Menu
  American invited European chefs to express their vision for an inflight
culinary tour de force by submitting proposals for the new menu for U.S.-bound
flights.  From these imaginative offerings, American selected premier
appetizers, salads, main courses and desserts with Continental flair.
  Prior to the main meal, passengers can partake of new appetizers,
including apple soy marinated beef served with horseradish cream and thin
potatoes, portobello mushroom carpaccio and smoked sesame salmon with sweet
chili cucumber.  Main courses include roasted fillet of cod with eggplant
puree, seared fillet of beef with porcini mushroom butter and bordelaise
sauce, roasted chicken with eggplant confit, and goat cheese and red pepper
cappelletti pasta, to name a few.  For dessert, customers looking for an
alternative to an ice cream sundae can feast on peaches in amaretto sauce
served with biscotti stuffing.
  “Paired with our award-winning wines and other beverage selections, these
new menus are truly designed for the international traveler’s palate,” stated
Donna Snepp, Managing Director - Food and Beverage.  “The European-inspired
selections are already winning praise from our Europe-U.S. customers, and we
look forward to rolling out the American-cuisine menu in September.”