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Don’t Forget Your Passport

As many as one million Brits could be heading out to catch a flight this year - without their passport, according to research carried out by British Airways.
You can’t leave the UK without it and yet, whether they are flying abroad for business or pleasure, each year thousands of British travellers leave their passport behind.

The research* revealed that whilst we are a ‘nation of travellers’ we often need reminding of the fundamentals.

Stephanie Smith from British Airways’ online development team said: “We love travelling abroad, particularly on holiday, but it seems our minds are on much more interesting matters when we leave home for the airport.”

“BA has recently launched its new and improved ‘Manage My Booking’ service which aims to make life simpler. The service provides a check list to ensure those all important items are packed away safely.”

According to BA top of the list for things to remember when taking a flight are:

á      Passport - check it two months in advance, to make sure it has not expired, and keep it somewhere safe

á      Tickets - e-tickets are becoming increasingly popular, make sure you print off your flight details and itinerary before you fly

á      Travel insurance - comprehensive cover is essential to protect against unexpected events

á      Currency - do not assume your bank/travel agent will have your currency in stock, always pre order large amounts

á      Mobile phone - take your charger and, particularly if travelling for business, make sure you can use it abroad
Smith continued: “The website also enables passengers to check in online and, in some cases, even print off their boarding card at home up to 24 hours in advance - eliminating the need to queue.”


Smith concluded: “Logging on to will ensure you never again get that sinking feeling as you turn off for the airport and suddenly realise what it is that you left behind.”