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Pegasus Expands RateChecker Service

Pegasus Solutions has expanded its RateChecker service by adding a RateChecker Group Manager module for use by hotel groups.  Furthermore, Pegasus now offers the RateChecker service to all of its hotel customers, in addition to the Utell by Pegasus members who were introduced to the service in March. 

RateChecker gives hotels an online tool to track rates of competing hotels.  With a repeating stream of real-time competitive information, hotel staff can instantly adjust rates on their available rooms to drive bookings while maximizing profit.  Now with the optional RateChecker Group Manager module, hotel groups can corporately monitor competing rates for each property in their organization.

Powered by the innovative Web-crawling technology of Electrobug, RateChecker monitors competitors and Web sites selected by customers, enabling hotels to compare pricing metrics.  Hoteliers can also monitor various advance booking rates, and contrast rates for differing lengths of stay to ensure profitable everyday pricing.  The Grand New Delhi hotel and Vértice Hoteles are two customers that have implemented the service.

“We have now had RateChecker for the last two months,” said Manfred Keiler, general manager of the Grand New Delhi hotel.  “It was indeed an eye opener when we received our first report.  We had a totally different picture of our market.  As an independent hotel, it becomes even more important to know the market, since our business is often driven by the market wave.  Rate Checker is helping us.”

Susana Hernández, commercial director of Vértice Hoteles in Seville, Spain, said:  “RateChecker has proved to be a great time-saving tool.  A simple ‘click’ gives us an insight into the sales activities of our immediate competitors, and given the current situation of the market, this is very important as it allows us to plan our yield activities.  RateChecker is particularly useful to monitor changes in our competitors’ rate strategy, which could have an impact on our business.”


Dennis Law, senior vice president of product management for Pegasus, said:  “We’re expanding the RateChecker offering to provide a higher class of service for our customers.  The Group Manager module is a significant, valuable addition because it provides our hotel group customers the ability to analyze the pricing strategies of their competitors at a corporate level and respond appropriately and immediately.  Currently, Pegasus offers three levels for the RateChecker service, and with the addition of the Group Manager module, we can more effectively meet the demands of the hotelier in today’s market and help them maximize their revenue potential.”