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Traventec Predicts Convergence of Regional and Low Cost Airlines

Report finds 50% of regional airlines lack online booking facility
The blurred line between low cost carriers and regional airlines will soon melt away creating a single strong airline sector, according to a report issued by Traventec, one of Europe’s largest travel software development companies.
The paper, entitled ‘The Inevitable Convergence of Regional and Low Cost Carriers’ finds the two sectors no longer adhere to hard and fast rules, but have a commonality in their tremendous growth rates.

The current differential between the two sectors is a heavy reliance on selling direct to the consumer online by low cost carriers, while over half of regional airlines do not have an internet booking engine behind their websites.

Howard Frost, Traventec VP Sales said: “Regional airlines lacking an internet booking engine are missing out not only on the benefits of a low cost distribution model, but also on the opportunity to maximise revenue through the cross-selling of complementary services such as insurance, accommodation and car hire.”

“With low cost carriers’ share of the European market due to grow by a further 8% over the next four years according to some industry analysts, and with other sectors of the globe, most notably South and South East Asia experiencing an explosion in low cost and regional routes, there is much opportunity for solution providers.”

The report, available to download free through, provides research on the developments in the regional and low cost airlines sector worldwide, the challenges in traditional airlines contributing to the growth of low cost and regional carriers and the available technology solutions.