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Active Hotels to Develop New CRM Programme

Active Hotels has appointed Brainbox, the analytical CRM division of Data Locator Group, to provide it with a detailed understanding of its customers through the creation of ‘Personas’ - a new series of customer groups.
‘Personas’ group individuals depending on their shared characteristics including needs, habits, lifestyles, demographics and behaviours. 

The appointment of Brainbox will allow Active Hotels to move towards a more customer-centric business model by gaining a greater insight into customer behaviour and needs. This will support all aspects of the business from product development to customer retention strategies.

Jason Froggett, Managing Director, Brainbox comments: “Active Hotels has a great business model and is becoming truly customer-centric. With this in mind we are very much looking forward to working with them. The development of Personas will help their business fine tune their marketing strategy and make highly informed decisions regarding search and booking functionality.”

Luke Errington, Consumer Manager, Active Hotels comments: “This is a major development in the growth of our B2C business. We will use ‘Personas’ to make informed decisions about the development of new functionality and content, to help customers find great deals at over 10,000 hotels across Europe. We selected Brainbox, an analytical powerhouse, to provide us with a multi-dimensional perspective of our customer base. With their great attention to detail and dedication to understanding our business, the Brainbox team give me enormous confidence that the Personas project will be highly successful.”