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Inntopia Launches New Airline Booking Module

Inntopia has released InntopiaAir 1.0, an airline booking module to first be incorporated into its InntopiaCRS call center software. InntopiaAir is debuting with the installation of InntopiaCRS at Breckenridge Central Reservations.
InntopiaAir 1.0 enables call center agents to locate confirmed airline reservations through Galileo Web Services and integrate it with customers’ lodging and activity itineraries. Agents can then present customers with one travel itinerary and manage the accounting for all components. The component also manages markups on private fares and commissions on commissionable fares.

“This is a big step for us,” notes Inntopia’s president, Trevor Crist. “We had always been about the lodging and activity portion of the business, on and offline, but the need to integrate air has always been there. We’re happy to be able to now provide this technology component to our customers.”

InntopiaAir 2.0, to launch this July, will enable online customers and call center agents to book airline reservations directly through the Inntopia System. In addition, lodging properties and activity providers that are using the Inntopia Reservation System will be able to offer air-inclusive packaging from their websites. This dynamic air model will be a first in the industry.

“Because Inntopia bundles full dynamic packaging for all travel providers on the Inntopia Reservation System, call centers, lodging and activity providers should all benefit from being able to book air for their customers,” adds Crist.