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Finnair Implements Amadeus Code Share Solution

Amadeus has launched Amadeus Code Share, a solution by which airlines outsource all their code share messaging to Amadeus, with minimal impact on the their systems. Finnair, who participated in the definition of this solution, is the first carrier to implement it with 8 active code share agreements, amounting to over 460 flights.
A trend on the rise, code sharing is a commercial agreement between two carriers, which allows an airline to place its identification code on flights of another airline, broadening their connection opportunities and destination cities. Code sharing represents an area of great concern between airlines as industry-wide standards that harmonise these activities are virtually non-existent.

Currently, each carrier handles code share messaging from their own systems, having to invest money and efforts ensuring that these are constantly updated. In its continuing efforts to offer airlines with flexible new generation IT solutions, regardless of their size or business model, Amadeus Code Share represents an additional service to carriers using Altéa Sell, Amadeus’ state-of-the-art sales and reservation system. These carriers will share information through one common system, reducing errors and guaranteeing synchronisation across the board. Furthermore, airlines can now implement new agreements in a much faster way, concentrating on the business aspects of code sharing while Amadeus takes care of the links and messaging and other technical details.

Amadeus Code Share is a flexible solution that allows carriers to outsource their entire code share messaging to Amadeus without impacting their own systems. This solution diminishes the barriers many airlines face when there is an immediate need to add, modify or dissolve agreements and implement new code share business practices. They can easily manage and update data through a graphical user interface (GUI).

Finnair’s Tom Källström, Vice President eBusiness Development, explains, “Amadeus’ technological experience has ensured a smooth migration of our present code share agreements to Amadeus Code Share. Now we can establish new agreements in a much quicker fashion, with shorter lead-times that allow us to quickly adapt when our business needs change.

“Our partner of choice, Amadeus continues to provide us with the right technology at the right price that allows us to focus on our core business and ultimately fulfil the needs of our customers.”